Minna M. Rantanen



Minna M. Rantanen (M.Sc.) is a Doctoral Candidate in University of Turku.

Her research focuses on governmental information systems, data economy and values. Her other fields of interests are social and psychological aspects of information systems, work informatics, and educational information systems. Rantanen is currently working on Sitra’s IHAN project and on her PhD thesis about ethical issues of data economy.


Minna M. Rantanen minna.m.rantanen@utu.fi


Rantanen has published over twenty articles in international conferences and journals. Rantanen has won two best paper awards with her co-authors.


Rantanen has worked as a researcher in projects such as Salo- connecting things, YSI and several minor projects during masters studies. Currently Rantanen in working on developing ethical framework for fair data economy in Sitra’s IHAN project.