AI and Ethics

Quick popularisation of information systems utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to an increasing need to evaluate the ethical implications of these technologies. Future Ethics researchers study ethics of AI using theories and methods of moral philosophy, and apply them to practice through empirical case studies and research projects. We apply years of knowledge and experience accumulated in IT ethics into the context of AI. Two of our PhD researchers focus specifically on AI ethics.


Salla Westerstrand’s ongoing PhD research sheds light to how ethical directions of current AI development can impact liberal democracies. Using ethics theories, she maps the ongoing AI ethics discourse in European AI regulation, national AI strategies and practical implementations. The implications of these results are then evaluated against democratic theories and practice. Completion is estimated by the end of 2025.

Recently published:

Westerstrand (2023). Ethics in the Intersection of AI and Democracy: The AIDEM Framework. ECIS 2023 Research Papers. 321 (link).

Westerstrand S., Westerstrand R. & Koskinen J. (2024).Talking existential risk into being: a Habermasian critical discourse perspective to AI hype. AI and Ethics,


Juho Vaiste focuses on business ethical issues related to AI and the ethical agency of AI developers in his ongoing PhD research and research projects. He examines the ethical considerations in the design, development, and deployment of AI systems.

Recently published:

Ojanen et al. (2022) Algorithmic discrimination and the promotion of equality Assessment framework for non-discriminatory AI. Publications of the Government ́s analysis, assessment and research activities 2022:54.

Dexe, J., Franke, U., Söderlund, K., van Berkel, N., Jensen, R. H., Lepinkäinen, N., & Vaiste, J. (2022). Explaining automated decision-making: a multinational study of the GDPR right to meaningful information. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance-Issues and Practice, 47(3), 669-697.

Vaiste, J., Oljakka, N., & Sivula, O. (2019). An Integrated Approach of Ethics, Law and Corporate Responsibility: An Analysis of Security Robots. Revue Roumaine de Philosophie, 63(2), 249-262.

People working on this theme

Salla Westerstrand
Kai K. Kimppa
Jani Koskinen


Salla Westerstrand