Research themes

Data Economy and Ecosystems

Accumulation of data has underlined the need for governance of data ecosystems and data economy to enhance ethical data use, instead of accepting exploitation of (personal) data. Our past and ongoing research includes topics such as:

  • Ethical govenrnance models for data economy and ecosystems
  • Fair and human-centric data use
  • Protection of data and cypersecurity

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AI ethics

Quick popularisation of information systems utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to an increasing need to evaluate their ethical implications. Future Ethics researchers study ethics of AI using theories and methods of moral philosophy, and apply them to practice through empirical case studies and research projects.

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Digital Democracy and Regulation

How could the current directions in technology development impact our democracies and shape institutions? Is technology shifting the power structures of our societies? How is ethics reflected in GDPR or the upcoming EU AI Act, or several codes of ethics concerning technology? Our past and ongoing research includes topics such as:

  • Impacts of AI on democracy
  • eGovernment and digital services
  • Data and AI regulation
  • Data and digital technology in public government

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