Future Ethics

A University of Turku Research Group

Future Ethics

Future Ethics is the leading research group of technology ethics in Finland. Future Ethics resides in Turku School of Economics of the University of Turku and focuses on the ethics of future technologies especially but not limited to information technologies. The group consists of four doctors, five doctoral students and an active interest group with several professionals from the field of technology and from the field of ethics.

The recent focus with the group has been covering governmental ICT, data economy and ecosystems, and artificial intelligence. Other fields of research the group has focused on includes (but is not limited to) game and gamification research, juridical ICT, citizens-centric ICT,  inclusive information systems and classical ethics in relation to ethics of technology.

On top of the traditional course on Information Technology and Ethics the research group teaches information systems on wider scope and ethics of technology both in various educational establishments as well as in different kinds of organisations from businesses, NGOs and GOs.


Kai K. Kimppa Research group leaderkai.kimppa@utu.fi