Future Ethics projects

VNTEAS Tekoälyn vinoumien välttäminen (AI bias mitigation)

VNTEAS is a project where we collaborate with Demos Helsinki and Tampere University to create evaluation metrics for avoiding bias in Artificial Intelligence.

In a nutshell, the project aims to:

  1. Provide information on the types of Machine Learning systems widely used in Finland, what kind of impact evaluation they are subjected to, and how they might potentially lead to discrimination in theory, or have already led in practice. The key is to deepen the understanding of concrete weak points.
  2. Critically evaluate the discriminatory and fundamental rights implications of algorithmic systems based on a mapping, all while taking into consideration the requirements imposed by the non-discrimination law.
  3. Develop an evaluation framework to recognise and avoid discrimination in artificial intelligence systems.
  4. Produce policy recommendations based on participatory stakeholder collaboration for the use of regulators, as well as for bringing the evaluation framework into practice.

Working on this project: Juho Vaiste, Kai Kimppa 

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DELHA is a project connecting legal, ethical and practical questions concerning the use of personal data in public (digital) services.

DELHA is based on the understanding achieved during previous projects: IHAN Ethics, and EODO.

The project is funded by the city of Turku as part of the Turvallinen tieto / Secure data -project funded by The Ministry of Finance.

Project manager: Jani Koskinen

Project researcher : Sari Knaapi-Junnila

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