Olli I. Heimo

Olli I. Heimo, Ph.D., is a Senior Researcher in University of Turku. His research focuses on the ethics of governmental information systems whereas his other fields of interest are gaming, gamification, automated transport, virtual and augmented reality, usability and – naturally – other fields of IT-ethics.


Heimo has already published over 50 peer reviewed scientific articles, in e.g.  Journal of Business Ethics, ACM SIGGAS, and Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society. He has also published articles in international conferences in IS ethics field, such as ETHICOMP, CEPE, IEEE Ethics and HCC.


Heimo is currently working in SusCon project concerning sustainable shipbuilding concepts and has previously worked in several projects, e.g. Futuristic History, Miracle and Marin 2 concerning mixed and augmented reality, FitOptiVis in the field of embedded systems, and ChemSAR in Maritime SAR operation research.


Heimo is a member of TIVIA Ethics Group, ETHICOMP and HCC conference series Programme Committee, in International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism, and Orbit review boards, and the Programme Chair of Seminar on Technology Ethics.

Positions of Trust

> Secretary of IFIP SIG 9.2.2 Special Interest Group on Framework on Ethics of Computing
> Member of IFIP WG 9.2 Social Accountability and Computing
> Founding member of IFIP WG 9.10 ICT Uses in Peace and War.

> Member of ETHICOMP conference series Steering committee 2014-2018.