Sari Knaapi-Junnila

Sari Knaapi-Junnila is a Project Researcher at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku. Doctoral Researcher (Communication Sciences) at Tampere University, M.Sc. (Health Sciences /  University of Jyväskylä).

Currently involved in EODO (Eettinen OmaData Operaattori) research project and Tethics 2021 (Conference on Technology Ethics) at UTU.

Before involved in Coper Pilot (2012-2014), YSI – yliopistosairaalat innovaatioalustana (2017), IHAN Ethics – ihmislähtöinen datatalous (2018-2020), Third Annual  Seminar on Technology Ethics (2019), PRIVASA –Privacy-preserving AI for Synthetic and Anonymous Health Data – Co-Creation project (2020), and Tethics 2020 at UTU.

Main research interests: the crossroads of communication & healthcare, communication & information technology (ethics), healthcare & information technology (ethics), and all of them together.