Seminar on Technology Ethics

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23–24.10.2019 @ Turku, Finland

The Future Ethics research group of University of Turku is organising the Third Annual Seminar on Technology Ethics – Expanding to Scandinavia seminar at Turku School of Economics. The seminar is scientific but casual in nature, and our aim is to promote technology ethics research and networking in Finland and Scandinavia (people from other places are also warmly welcome).

The Seminar is free to participate. See you in Turku soon!




23.10.2019 (Wed) 24.10.2019 (Thu)
09:00-10:15 Welcome speech by Jani Koskinen


Keynote speech: “What kind of AI systems should we design?” 

by Virpi Roto

10:00-10:30 Coffee
10:15-10:30 Coffee 10:30-11:30 Keynote speech:  “Fairness – key to European Data Economy Model?“

by Jaana Sinipuro

11:30-12:45 Lunch


10:30-11:00. “A Review of Ethical Discussions on Platforms and Ecosystems” By Hyrynsalmi S, Koskinen J and Hyrynsalmi S.

11:00-11:30: “No worries – the AI is dumb (for now)” by Olli Heimo and Kai Kimppa

11:30-12:00: “Privacy issues in iot ecosystems from an individual employee’s perspective” by Mikko Vermanen and Minna Rantanen

12:45-14:15 Presentations

12:45-13:15: “Towards ethical guidelines for fair data economy – thematic analysis of values of Europeans” By Minna Rantanen

13:15-13:45: “AI Ethics in Industry: A Research Framework” by Ville Vakkuri, Kai-Kristian Kemell and Pekka Abrahamsson

13:45-14:15: “Data-Driven Discrimination and (Dis)Respect” by Otto Sahlgren

12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Presentations

13:00-13:30 “Ethics of AI technologies and organizational roles: Who is accountable for the ethical conduct?” by Juho Vaiste

13:30-14:00 ” Digital Health Transformation: Ethical and Social Implications” by Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen and Janika Miettinen

14:00-14:30: “Ethical Living with Algorithms” by Sonja Trifuljesko and Minna Ruckenstein

14:15-14:45 Closing Remarks
14:30-15:00 Coffee End of seminar & Coffee
15:00-16:00 Presentations

15:00-15:30 “Ethical AI for the Governance of the Society: Challenges and Opportunities” by Mika Nieminen, Nadezhda Gotcheva, Jaana Leikas and Raija Koivisto

15:30-16:00: “Ethical Considerations in Learning Analytics: Ideas and Discussion” by Erkki Kaila, Einari Kurvinen and Mikko Apiola.

19:00 – Dinner(self-paid) at Tårget


Keynote speakers:

23.10      Virpi Roto

Professor of Practice in Experience Design, Aalto University

Virpi Roto leads a research task force on ethical, acceptability and desirability aspects of Research Alliance of Autonomous Systems (RAAS, see Virpi has studied the topics of the task force in the context of autonomous ships and harbors. Her background is in computer science and human-centred design. In Aalto University, Department of Design, she studies the means to design for meaningful experiences via new intelligent services provided for employees.

24.10    Jaana Sinipuro

       Project Director, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Jaana Sinipuro is a Project Director at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. She is an experienced ICT and management professional and a dialogue-loving doer, currently leading a human-driven data economy project called IHAN®. With her team she aims to build a foundation for a consent-based method of fair data exchange and to set up European-level rules and guidelines for a new kind of data economy.

Prior to IHAN®, Jaana managed an extensive Digital Health HUB project creating a new operating model for a one-stop shop for collecting and distributing well-being data. By reforming legislation for the secondary use of healthcare data and offering high-quality data and services, Finland aims to be one of the most appealing countries for pharma and healthcare R&D&I. Before joining Sitra, Jaana worked as a Senior Advisor at SAS Institute. She is a certified Enterprise Architect with over 20 years of experience within data, analytics and knowledge management and has been quoted in numerous publications.


Registration is open until 21.10.2019. However, we hope that you registrate soon as possible as it helps us with needed arrangements!

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Seminar is held at Turku School of Economics. On Wednesday 23.10. seminar is held in LS07 and on Thursday 24.10. seminar is held in LS10.


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Call for papers(Closed)

We have two separated tracks in this year’s seminar where full papers (3000–5000 words, including refs) and extended abstracts (500–1000 words) are invited to be submitted to following tracks (other relevant topics are also welcome):

  1. AI and Ethics
  2. Data Economy and Ethics

Track topics are at quite general level to encourage all interested people from Nordic Countries to come and share their research in the seminar. We need a stronger network in Scandinavia in the field of technology ethics.

All submitted papers will go through a double-blind review process. Authors of the accepted papers will be invited to revise their work prior to final submission. Both full papers and EAs will be published in their own sections in either the University of Turku publication series or in other open access publication channel under a Creative Commons licence, leaving the copyrights to the author(s).

 Submission of papers

Papers should be submitted in .doc, .docx or .rtf format with basic (MS Word) settings. Reference style for papers is APA6.  Submission of final version should be sent by email to

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline for both full papers and EAs: 15.8.2019 EXTENDED
  • Review deadline: 1.9.2019
  • Final Papers deadline: 1.10.2019 EXTENDED
  • Seminar at Turku School of Economics: 23–24.10.2019

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Jani Koskinen, Ph.D.

Conference Chair

Olli I. Heimo, Ph.D.

Programme Chair

Anne-Marie Tuikka

Organizing Chair

Twitter: #Tethics2019     @FutureEthicsUTU

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